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Museo Siyasa Cieza
On Tuesday, 6th March, the groups of 3º B, 3º C and 4º D went to visit the Siyasa Museum in Cieza and the ruins of the ancient city of Siyasa in the outskirts of Cieza. That was an activity for which our School had been selected within the educational program "FIND OUT IN ENGLISH", which is offered by the "Consejería de Educación" every year. We arrived at 10:00 and then the museum guide divided our students into two groups of 26. While one group visited the museum, the other group watched a documentary about the origins of Siyasa and how its inhabitants lived and how their houses were. During the visit we also could attend to the role-play carried out by an actress and an actor who portrayed the roles of a Muslim girl (Aisha) and an English soldier (Cedric) in the times of the expelling of Muslim people from el Valle de Ricote. It was a very interesting and amusing activity. Ver vídeo 



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