Los alumnos de B1º A-D han realizado una entrevista a Matt Rooney que ha pasado este curso escolar en nuestro centro como asistente de conversación, éste es el trabajo realizado por los alumnos de bachillerato:

1. How do you celebrate the 4th of July?
It's the most important celebration and we celebrate with barbecues, drinks and fireworks and it is all decorate4d in red, blue and white.

2. We know Nascar is popular in the States and it is a kind of car race. Do you watch it?

No, it's not that interesting to me, but people watch it.


3. Do you watch football or soccer (European football as it is called in the States)?
I watch football but here I watch soccer too. I watched the final champion. In the USA I don't usually watch it.

4. Did you watch the Final Championship of Real Madrid versus Atlético de Madrid last Saturday?
It was a very exciting match. I'm not a fan but it was fun.

5. What kind of food do you prefer?
I enjoy the Spanish food, the tortilla of patatas, embutidos, cheeses, jamón. All different kind of stew.

6. What kind of job would you like to have? / What would you like to do for a living?
I would like to be a lawyer. I'm going to study law in 2015 for three years. Right now I'm studying for the entrance exam.

7. What and how long have you studied at University?
For four years.

8. As a child what did you want to do when you became an adult?
I wanted to be a professional basketball player.

9. How many languages do you speak? And your favourite one?
I speak English and Spanish. I would like to learn Portuguese.

10. Did you have any other job?
I was a bartender. I prepare drinks like mojitos.

11. What do you think about the arms license? Is it usual in the States?
Each State has a different law. In New York, it's not very usual. In Texas it's more common.

12. Do you think multiculturalism is a present in Murcia as it is in New York?
I'd say no. It is because New York is a bigger place. You hear many languages. Here you see many South Americans, Moroccans ...

13. Do you think that Spanish girls are beautiful? And boys?
Yes. We think we (Americans and Spaniards) are pretty similar (complexion, hair colour...)

14. What do you think about the environment (pollution) in your country?
It's terrible.

15. What is the most ever known celebrity in New York?
Frank Sinatra, Hamilton...

16. What is the weather like in New York? Do you prefer it in Murcia?
It's much better here.

17. What do you think is the best and the worst in Spain?
Umm... The worst thing is the pace the people walk in the street. Like there are unspoken rules on the sidewalk. People stop in the middle of the sidewalk and don't stay to the side.
The best is olive oil. I really love it. It's very good. I like the culture too, how people spend their time outside.

18. What places have you visited in Spain while you've been here?
Last year I was in Asturias. I know Asturias pretty well, Santnader, San Sebastian, Barcelona. I wentto Valencia, places in Murcia, Cartagena, Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla, Salamanca, Avila, Burgos, Segovia. Quite a few places ...Mallorca, Ibiza ...

19. Do you like the way of life of Spaniards / the Spanish?
I like the way of life very much. It's relaxing.

20. Do you think you will return to Spain?
Sure. Definitely. I want to come back and go to Aragon, The Canary Islands, Galicia ...

21. Why did you choose to study Spanish?
I chose it because it was the first subject that I was interested in ever in my life. In Barcelona I was interested in improving my Spanish.

22. Do you miss your country?
Of course. I miss the people more than anything else.


Thank you Matt, good luck and happy return home!



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